Month: August 2018

Best e-Reader for Medical School: Kindle vs iPad

Best e-Reader for Medical School: Kindle vs iPad There are a TON of reviews on many different e-readers out there. I read many of them before shipping of to medical school, but none were inspiring enough. This was mostly because there just weren’t reviews aimed at what I wanted to know: what is the best e-reader for medical…

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Finance Advice for Medical Students and Professionals

The healthcare and medical finance realm has exploded in recent years. As you may know from previous posts, my introduction to physician finance was the White Coat Investor (WCI). More recently, Dr. Dahle has branched out with other physician finance blogs and podcasts to form the WCI Network, which includes: Physician on FIRE, and Passive…

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Using Medical Rotation (third party) Agencies for Externships

Using Medical Rotation Agencies for Clinical Rotations/Externship Experience UPDATE: as of 2021, our sister organization, FindARotation, is now available! You can search available rotations, schedule them instantly, and refer friends for great rewards. SIGN UP for your free account now! If you attend most U.S. medical schools, this is probably a topic you will never…

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