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Course Introduction
A bit about me and the goal of this course!
Physiology of Fluids
This includes the subtopics of: Fluid compartments Solutions Fluid dosing: A practical guide
IV Fluids and Electrolytes Part 1
    About Lesson

    Credit to my husband Seth Benator for this drawing Select an Image

    This is part 1 of 2 courses. This course is targeting IV Fluids and Fluid compartments, and Sodium management. The second course is going to focus on the other important electrolytes, Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca) and Hydrogen Ion (H)

    This course is a Practical Guide to teach how to create an order for IV Fluids:

    1. How to decide what type of fluid to use
    2. How to determine what flow rate
    3. Alterations for electrolyte replacement

    You will learn all about the most important electrolytes and actually use that MCAT Chemistry knowledge:

    1. Sodium (Na)
    2. Potassium (K)
    3. Calcium (Ca)
    4. Hydrogen Ion (pH)

    You will do math

    I’m sorry, but aren’t you glad that algebra from high school will finally be useful?

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