The Relationship Between Burnout and Communication

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How someone speaks to you can make or break your day. It can lift you up, or drive you down the road toward burnout, early retirement, or worse-suicide. This course introduces a system of tools, training and technology to improve your communication up to 300%. This can improve staff retention, and strengthen your community.

I openly acknowledge that I use this process of personality science to sell coaching and coaching products. I am backed by Codebreaker technologies who also sell coaching and coaching products to enhance personal growth.

What Will I Learn?

  • In no particular order:
  • 1. Improve your interactions with colleagues.
  • 2. Improve your patient satisfaction scores.
  • 3. Set better boundaries with Administration.
  • 4. Increase staff retention.
  • 5. Increase sense of community in your unit or practice.

Topics for this course

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The Relationship Between Communication and Burnout

About the instructor

After 30+ years as a physician, I added certified coach and licensed trainer to my credential, with the intention of battling the epidemic of burnout that is sweeping through healthcare. While continuing to practice as a Board-Certified Physician in a Pediatric Hospitalist position, I now also use my expertise to train organizations to master effective communication, conflict resolution, relationship management, and respect. I have worked with many people, including leaders of the AMA to bring my programs into the hands of healthcare workers like yourself. This platform gives me the unique opportunity to connect with people on an individual level. I trust you find my courses as stimulating and fun, as they are informative.
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The Relationship Between Burnout and Communication

Material Includes

  • Important Links:
  • My.Bankcode.com/Beat-Burnout
  • Calendly.com/MeetWith-DrNan


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Target Audience

  • Practicing Physicians
  • Resident Physicians
  • NP/PAs
  • Nurses
  • Administrative Staff

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