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The Relationship Between Burnout and Communication

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About Course

How someone speaks to you can make or break your day. It can lift you up, or drive you down the road toward burnout, early retirement, or worse-suicide. This course introduces a system of tools, training and technology to improve your communication up to 300%. This can improve staff retention, and strengthen your community.

I openly acknowledge that I use this process of personality science to sell coaching and coaching products. I am backed by Codebreaker technologies who also sell coaching and coaching products to enhance personal growth.

What Will You Learn?

  • In no particular order:
  • 1. Improve your interactions with colleagues.
  • 2. Improve your patient satisfaction scores.
  • 3. Set better boundaries with Administration.
  • 4. Increase staff retention.
  • 5. Increase sense of community in your unit or practice.

Course Content

The Relationship Between Communication and Burnout

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4 months ago
This was a great course, helped me alot
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