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MedEd University (MEU; previously FreeMedEd) was created to bring free, affordable, and relevant medical education to any and all. We hope to benefit and educate those interested in medicine and healthcare!

USMLE Step 2 Q&A with Kashif Piracha MD FACP FASN FNKF

Covering great cases with @USMLEmasters on USMLE Step 2 style questions and answers…and we have so many more to cover! What would you like to see more of? How can we make the presentations more engaging in the future? Let us know below!

Rounds to Residency + Medical Mnemonist to Med360 Podcast!

For fans of Medical Mnemonist podcast and Rounds to Residency​, enter a new journey into medicine with a 360* view from the top with our host Chase DiMarco MD!

USMLE Step 2: Questions, Differential Diagnosis and Answers using ChatGPT

Are we entering a time when the NBME, USMLE, UWorld, and other question writers are becoming obsolete?

We wanted to see if ChatGPT could not only write questions in the style of the NBME Item Writing Guide (used for the USMLE and by other companies to create test questions) but also answer them with detailed descriptions for learners.

Using ChatGPT for Research Literature Review (quick demo)

Using ChatGPT for Research Literature Review (quick demo)

Experimenting with the pros (and cons) of using ChatGPT for your research project, dissertation or literature review.

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