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In our article, Medical Tutoring Services, we discussed the prices and conducted a review of some of the popular medical tutoring services out there. Well, we are now proud to be able to add tutoring to our list of services at FreeMedEd!

Creating a Study Game Plan

Here is what you can expect from a one-on-one with FreeMedEd founder and Medical Mnemonist Podcast host, Chase DiMarco.

  • First, we need to discuss a little about you. Finding your hobbies, likes, and common experiences can lead to great topics to use for mnemonics and figure out how to best schedule your future study sessions. Having some general goals are also important and may be refined during the session.
  • Next, we can analyze your current study habits, materials, and pre-study prep. These can help to pinpoints areas of weakness in the study process and discover more efficient ways to spend your time.
  • Medical and healthcare students also need to utilize some of the best tools and evidence-based study methods out there. If you are not using these, start now! If you are, we might be able to notice ways to better utilize them in the future and help mix up your study patterns.
  • If your focus is on test-prep, we will discuss some of the methods taught in our book Read This Before Medical School. This includes our 3-part MedEdge Method which we briefly cover in this MMP episode.
  • Lastly, we may discuss the flashcard types and techniques that I found helpful in my studies and the mnemonics training that I highly recommend!

There are many more possible tutoring topics we can discuss depending on your specific needs and availability. Some learners wish to focus on study skills and test-prep while others have a passion for the creative medical mnemonics instructions that can be offered.

Though many of these topics are covered in our podcast or in our book, the theory may be very different than your personalized practice. Putting these into practice early on will save you time and effort on your academic journey.

Tutoring is Only a Part of the Program!

Though tutoring is innate in this type of educational setting, the opportunity to find a true mentor-mentee relationship is also available to those that desire this type of connection. According to an article in Advances in Medical Education and Practice, there are 5 keys to effective mentorship relations.

  • Should help the mentee to achieve short-and long-term goals.
  • Should include role modeling, and help with career development.
  • Both mentee and mentor should benefit from the relationship.
  • Relationships should involve direct interaction between mentor and mentee.
  • Mentors should be more experienced when compared with the mentee.

Having a mentor through your studies is one of the best things any medical student or learner can do. If you haven’t looked at the above links, this is a great way to prepare for a tutoring session. Or jump in and let’s see where to go next! If you have any questions you can always reach out via email or social media and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can. I hope to see you there soon!