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11 Durable Learning Strategies with the Learning Geek’s Jake Gittleson

The medical mnemonist podcast featuring Dr. Eric Gantwerker discussing video game mechanics for fostering medical learning.
The Medical Mnemonist
11 Durable Learning Strategies with the Learning Geek's Jake Gittleson

A Learning Geek joins us to talk nerdy about learning! Jake Gittleson joins us to discuss how Mindset and Learning Ecosystems play a pivotal part in our learning success. We also cover how mental representations and making material personally relevant has a great impact on the lasting nature of what we learn. As a Learning Strategist, Jake helps organizations and individuals implement the best learning techniques into their programs for maximum efficiency. We explore some concrete examples of how to utilize these strategies in our academic and medical studies.

Show Notes


About the Man and the Podcast

Durable Learning Strategies

Explore Personal Relevancy in the Materials & Writing Personal Goals

Format your own Self-Directed Learning

Stress Mindset and Spaced-Retrieval

Mental Representations and Utilizing Instructor Knowledge

Walk Down Memory Lane



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Podcast Host

Chase is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.Dcandidate. He is the Founder and educator at MedEd University, which he began in 2014 to consolidate free educational resources for his classmates. He is the host of the Medical Mnemonist Podcast, creator of several medical education platforms, and is the CEO of FindARotation.

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