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46 Best Study Efficiency, Note Taking, and Flashcard Techniques in Medicine for 2020, Recap Part 1

The medical mnemonist podcast featuring Dr. Eric Gantwerker discussing video game mechanics for fostering medical learning.
The Medical Mnemonist
46 Best Study Efficiency, Note Taking, and Flashcard Techniques in Medicine for 2020, Recap Part 1

In part 1 of our 2019 Best Episodes Recap, we will review some of the highlights from our expert interviews. Part 1 will cover study efficiency, time management in medical school, group studying, note-taking techniques, and even a brief overview of flashcard techniques.

Exploring the techniques that work for us, personally, will greatly reduce the weekly effort and time it requires to cover all of the material required for your studies. Knowing your purpose in studying this material (short vs long-term) can also determine what techniques are going to be more beneficial. We may wish to stick with regular notes for less important material, make graphic Mind Maps for outlines, or move tricky material into our spaced repetition flashcard decks.

Show Notes

Key Episode Points

Efficient Study Planning & Student Time Management

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Be Nice: Tips to Working in Groups

Note-taking Success with the Cornell Method & Minds Maps

How to Create Medical Flashcard Decks

For a complete list of episodes, visit our Podcast page. The interviews mentioned in this episode include:

1. Flashcards and Study Hacks with Medical School 2.0 author Dr. David Larson

3. Advanced Memory Techniques with Mullen Memory

5. Memory Training and Emotional Intelligence for Test Preparation with Howard Berg- Part 2

7. The Six Strategies of Effective Learning with Learning Scientist, Dr. Megan Sumeracki

12. Medical Mnemonics and Spacing Effect with Osmosis Leader Dr. Yifan Xiao

16. Efficient Learning Strategies from Dr. Wendell Cole of The Medical School Survival Kit and Convos with Cole

19. Memory Palaces, Spaced Repetition, and Yoda from Ryan Orwig of STATmed Learning Part 2

27. The Best Note-Taking Methods and Increasing Your Reading Speed and Comprehension with Abby Marks Beale

28. Meta-cognition for Studying and Changing Our Brains With Thought by Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath

37. Using Design Thinking and Challenge-based Learning with the Center for Learning and Teaching Director Dr. Hoda Mostafa

If you would like to learn more about these topics, check out Read This Before Medical School or sign up for a Consultation/Tutoring session with Chase DiMarco!

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