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77 MCAT and USMLE Tips from Tutor Leila Javidi MD-NPH

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77 MCAT and USMLE Tips from Tutor Leila Javidi MD-NPH

Dr. Leila Javidi and Chase DiMarco discuss when students should ask for help and the perks of personalized coaching.

Show Notes

How Dr. Javidi Joined Med School Tutors

When Should You Get a Tutor?

Personalized Learning Through Coaching

How to Sign Up for 1:1 Tutoring at MST

MST’s Competitive Advantage

Med School Tutor’s Pricing

Up and Coming Services from MST

Chase DiMarco talks to Dr. Leila Javidi MD-NPH, a practicing family physician in Ohio. Initially a tutor for Med School Tutors (MST), she now works with MST Consulting to help institutions prepare students for their medical careers. Chase and Dr. Javidi discuss when students should ask for help and the perks of personalized coaching.

How Dr. Javidi Joined Med School Tutors
As a student, Dr. Javidi found structured class settings to be incompatible with her learning style. Admittedly, her test taking skills also needed improvement. With her USMLE Step 1 exams coming up, she approached Med School Tutors for help. Earning a score of 249 on her Step 1 exam, Dr. Javidi was given the opportunity to become a tutor herself. Over the course of 5 years, her role shifted from tutoring into residency advisement and mentoring tutors. Now she works with MST’s school programs consulting team. Dr. Javidi continues to work with Med School Tutors because of her passion to help struggling students succeed.

Learning Should be Personalized
If your efforts are not producing the desired result, then it may be time to seek help. Not everyone learns in the same way. A specific study method may be effective for some, but not for others. Having a coach or tutor by your side can help identify learning issues and address them strategically. Whether it’s a learning disability or time management, a tutor can help you get past your personal roadblocks.

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How to Sign Up for 1:1 Tutoring at MST
Once you’ve reached out to Med School Tutors, a student liaison will contact you to ask about your academic history, learning style, and any concerns you might have. Then, you will be matched to a tutor that is best suited to your profile, skills, and preferences. A trial session is the next step where you’ll answer a test alongside the tutor. During this time, the tutor will get to know you more and learn about your thought process. The tutor will come up with a recommended number of sessions based on this initial assessment. If you would like to proceed, you may coordinate with the student liaison to finalize your tutoring arrangement.

MST’s price ranges from $100 to $1,000 depending on a number of factors such as tutor tier and frequency of sessions. They also have a need-based funding for disadvantaged students. MST’s partner schools may receive discounts when students avail of their services. More information on pricing may be found on MST’s website.

What Makes MST a Great Tutoring Service
Med School Tutors prides itself on having quality coaches. Tutors must score highly on tests that they train their own students for. Good communication and teaching skills are prerequisites to join the team. But most important of all, MST screens for tutors who are enthusiastic about helping others learn.

The rest of the MST team is exceptional as well. Liaisons take care of administrative work so tutors can focus solely on coaching. Tutors are matched with mentors to provide them with more support. There are regular tutor evaluations based on student feedback, student performance, and mentor feedback.

Med School Tutors is continually expanding its scope of service. They provide coaching for all stages in your journey to become a doctor. From studying for the MCAT to reviewing for your boards, Med School Tutors can help you prepare.

Get in touch with Med School Tutors through their website and social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. For school administrators and faculty interested in their services, visit MST Consulting for more information.

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