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“A Mexican Adventure” — Dr. Jonathan Rios.

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"A Mexican Adventure" --- Dr. Jonathan Rios.

Jonathan Rios is currently a Medical Student at the University of Monterrey, México and early during his career, he realized that the cost of medical education in the US was an unnecessary burden for the future and redirected his efforts by attending Medical school internationally & considered to have some remarkable savings in school loans and at the same time entertaining great quality on his educational needs.    After extensive reflection he headed out “south of the border” to accomplish his dream of becoming a Doctor and soon, he will be back in the US to embark on specialty training, hopefully in the residency of his choice: Emergency Medicine.   Our future physician guest has a great story behind to share and opens us to the consideration of an “alternative pathway” to American Undergraduate PreMed Students to go into another country to accomplish their goals.   His experience in Mexico has been one to remember, and he cannot wait to see what the next year of his internship and rural service will be like. Also, He is delineating the timing of his schedule to take on Step 1 & 2 and to make that to coordinate with his shifts and clinical rotations in the continental US. Follow us on this phenomenal interview full of tips of advice and reflection on how not to incur in debt with the educational system in the USA. Reach us at and follow us on YouTube with our new channel, and email me with feedback, questions or concerns! Leave a review and remember, Sharing is Caring!  

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