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E68: Big Physician’s “NO-NOs” Part TWO

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E68: Big Physician's "NO-NOs" Part TWO

We wrap it up with my personal comments about the main pitfalls to avoid while practicing medicine in the US. My only hope is that some of you would corroborate my experiences or for the ones that have not gone through the life exposure to these situations to gather the knowledge or situational awareness to be ready on dealing with “Hot Button” situations during your medical school, residency, fellowship or current attending life as a practicing physician or provider in the USA. Actions punishable by the State Medical Board and Local agencies Completeness of Medical Records and Delinquent Files Business ventures could break STARK LAW (Physician self-referral), the Anti-kickback statute (AKS), and the Civil Monetary Penalties Law and here is the link for further information about this complex topic: Prescription of Controlled Substances State required CME for license recertification Inappropriate sexual behavior, sexual approaches, excentric stuff!. EMTALA – What are it and its implications for Emergency and Non-emergency Providers Call schedule and Responsibilities Not reviewing or reading hospital bylaws Practicing Beyond the score of your practice Avoid anything that seems to be fishy, sketchy, or just if double-guessing yourself; avoid it altogether. Racism in America / Gender Bias / Segregation Thanks again & I am hoping to get back on my schedule of material production once weekly!  The consultation cycle is now open:  Best! Alonso Osorio, M.D. FACEP, FAAEM, FAAFP. 

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