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E70: July 4th is here & Residency Training is about to Start!!!

Osorio md img masterclass
IMG Masterclass
E70: July 4th is here & Residency Training is about to Start!!!

We are celebrating Episode #70 – A milestone in my podcast production efforts. Briefly, I want to send an uplifting, motivating message to all of you and each of the IMG / FMGs that have found and secured a residency training spot for GME in the USA.  After years of preparation, hard work, and dedication, you have accomplished a huge milestone—one more step in the lifelong ladder to professional success.  The internship is full of surprises, amazing moments, and constant daily discovery, as ever challenging and very intense, physically and mentally overwhelming. But do not worry, it will be another type of stress, and you must have the determination to keep growing as a physician on this career effort that will never stop.  Today is your internship… in the future, Fellowship or Attendingship. But the road, its endless, at least for the next few years, and the possibilities to explore are here for you. Push hard, move forward, and keep dreaming! Welcome to the American Graduate Medical Education… CONGRATULATIONS!!! Best wishes and Good Luck, Your coach, Alonso Osorio, M.D.  Thanks for listening!

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