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Episode #39 “From USMLE to Residency” – Advice and Tools for Success with Abhiram Challa, M.D.

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Episode #39 "From USMLE to Residency" - Advice and Tools for Success with Abhiram Challa, M.D.

What is the USMLE? How do I credential myself via the ECFMG? Where do you start? How do I study for the USMLE? How much time and dedication shall I invest? What shall I expect during the process? How I remain motivated? What resources shall I use? There is so much out there! For all of these answers and more, you must listen to this phenomenal episode… Dr. Abhiram Challa is an IMG who attended College and Medical School in India. He graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, KLE University in Belgaum. Motivated by the strong desire of returning to the USA he set his own path and study plan to succeed at taking the USMLE Steps. I found him via YouTube on his amazing channel “Dr. Challa”. He produces incredible material that enriches anyone with excellent tips of advice in how to devise a plan & strategy to ace the boards. Also, He describes the complete IMG / FMG certification process in the USA. Now he is a Resident in Internal Medicine after joining Kansas University in Wichita, KS. He can be found on Instagram at Please do not forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channels and to follow us on Instagram for more content and updates on how to become a successful applicant for the ECFMG / USMLE credentialing process. Thanks for Listening – Alonso Osorio, M.D.

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