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Context, Principles and Practice of TransGynecology: Managing Transgender Patients in ObGyn Practice



Book Overview:

Authored by over seventy leading experts in transgender healthcare, this comprehensive book focuses on the specialized field of transgynecology. It serves as a valuable resource for gynecologists and professionals in related disciplines who work with transgender and gender expansive patients. The book addresses the limited understanding within the medical community regarding the unique medical needs of transgender individuals, offering inclusive and current insights into transgynecology.

Key Points:

1. Expertise and Collaboration: The book brings together a diverse group of experts in transgender healthcare to provide authoritative guidance on caring for transgender and gender diverse patients.

2. Comprehensive Approach: It covers a wide range of topics, including liaison with other specialties like urology, dermatology, and physiotherapy, to offer a holistic understanding of transgynecology.

3. Unique Content: By providing context on transgender and gender diverse medicine and addressing specific issues such as imaging, fertility maintenance, and medico-legal concerns, the book offers a unique perspective on transgynecology.

Target Audience:

– Healthcare Professionals: Primarily aimed at gynecologists, obstetricians, general practitioners, and counsellors, the book also caters to all professionals working with transgender, non-binary, or gender diverse patients.


– Inclusivity: The book promotes inclusivity and sensitivity in the treatment of transgender and gender expansive patients, equipping healthcare providers with the necessary knowledge and skills.

– Education: It serves as a valuable educational tool, preparing readers to navigate the complexities and nuances of transgynecology.

– Preparation: By addressing a wide array of topics and providing practical insights, the book helps professionals feel more prepared to provide quality care to transgender patients.


This authoritative book on transgynecology represents a significant contribution to the field of transgender healthcare. With its extensive coverage, expert insights, and inclusive approach, it aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of healthcare professionals working with transgender and gender diverse patients, ultimately improving the quality of care provided in this specialized area of medicine.


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