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Esophagus Attack!: The 3-Step Method to Enjoy Eating Again



It’s normal for a big Thanksgiving dinner to come with a side of physical discomfort, but when Dr. Doug Lake experienced ripping chest pain after only one bite of turkey, he knew something was wrong. Thankfully, it wasn’t a heart attack, but it was his first “Esophagus Attack.” And it was an extraordinary personal window into the issue so many of his patients experience.

If you’ve felt something similar after swallowing, or if you feel like food gets stuck, you know this panic and pain. You’re not alone: more than 250,000 Americans struggle with the condition that causes acid reflux and heartburn. Nevertheless, it is not well understood, and patients often feel embarrassed, ashamed, overwhelmed, and afraid.

In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Lake explains often-confusing medical terminology about digestive diseases in easily understood language, and walks you through every facet of esophagus attacks, describing symptoms, methods of diagnosis, and treatments. You’ll hear from successful patients and discover how to get the medical—and emotional—support you need.

Most importantly, you’ll learn a simple three-step eating process that will help you release your fears, look forward to gathering with loved ones for meals, and enjoy eating again.


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