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How To Survive Medical School Year One: Tips, Tricks, & Stories From Survivors




Want to know what to expect in the first year of medical school?
Use this book with tools, tips, and tricks from insiders to learn all about first year!

Want a leg up on your first year of Anatomy class? (Yes, pun intended!) Dr. Mark Wiseman and Dr. Missy Desouza provide your guided tour of first year in medical school along with input from current students!

No more guessing and stressing about what you and other students may go through.

Want to know what awaits first year students? And ways to overcome potential problems?

Look inside!

Reviews for How To Survive Medical School Year 1

  • “Thank you Dr. Wiseman and Dr. Desouza! This book showed me I’m not alone in this thing called med school! –S. Stevens, First year student, Virginia
  • “I’ve already started using some of the advice in this book. Lots of useful info packed into few pages…best kind of book!” –J Veasy, Premed student, Pennsylvania
  • “Nicely done. Found the advice on money management very useful.” –P. Svedosky, First year student, Ohio
  • “Great to hear, practical advice on how to get through.” –M. Mitsch, First year student, Californa

˃˃˃ Practical tips and tools

Drs. Desouza and Wiseman give you all the practical knowledge from their days in school. And current students add in useful updates and tidbits to keep you ahead!

˃˃˃ Conversational with useful advice

Easy to read format and conversational tone makes learning about the ins-and-outs of medical school relaxed and quick!

˃˃˃ Experienced team gives you the inside track

Drs. Wiseman and Desouza have been there! And, along with student co-authors, bring you the most up-to-date info all about the first year of medical school. Want to get ahead in your first year? Interested in learning about the experiences of first year medical students? This is the book for you!


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