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Obesity Medicine: Practice Tests: 250 Rapid Assessment Questions to Prepare for the Obesity Certification (Obesity Medicine Board Review)




Note: This book was updated 8/2022 to reflect new FDA medication approvals and indications.

Obesity Medicine: Practice Tests provides an additional 250 questions split into 5 practice tests to supplement studying for the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) examination. These questions are unique and are not duplicated from my other books, while still providing high-yield topics from the recommended ABOM exam resources, giving you excellent test prep content.

This book complements and references Obesity Medicine Board Review Questions, Second Edition (2022), although it can be used as a stand-alone book. It is ideal for candidates who are looking for additional study questions for the ABOM exam and provides a rapid assessment of potential weak areas that require additional study, in order to maximize your score.

Questions: The 250 challenging questions test high-yield topics and cover all test content domains including emerging therapies and recently approved treatments. Each of the 5 practice tests contains a variety of topics in a random order, to simulate the question blocks of the actual examination.

Explanation: A brief explanation describing the objective of the question and the correct answer choice follows each question. In addition, the item number from Obesity Medicine Board Review Questions, Second Edition (2022) is providedin order to reference that content for additional study.

References: A reference is provided for each question, referring to guidelines or resources that are recommended as study references by ABOM. Also, each item contains the test content domain identifier to understand the objective being tested.

Using both this book and Obesity Medicine Board Review Questions, Second Edition (2022) together will provide you with more than enough questions and practice to feel confident on test day.


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