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How to find Research Positions in the US – The Match Guy



Course Overview:

This course is designed to provide comprehensive guidance on securing research positions in the United States and internationally. Through detailed discussions, participants will explore key topics essential for finding research opportunities, identifying suitable mentors, and effectively presenting themselves for research roles. The course will cover a range of important aspects, including strategies for locating research institutions, selecting ideal mentors, crafting professional emails and CVs, mastering the interview process, and positioning oneself competitively for diverse research positions.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Finding Research Institutions: Strategies and resources for identifying research institutions both in the US and globally, helping participants navigate the landscape of potential research opportunities.

2. Selecting Research Mentors: Guidelines for identifying and approaching ideal research mentors who can provide valuable guidance and support in academic and research endeavors.

3. Effective Communication: Tips on writing professional emails to mentors, along with templates for structuring emails and CVs to make a strong impression and convey expertise and interest effectively.

4. Interview Preparation: Insights on preparing for research position interviews, including best practices for showcasing skills, experiences, and suitability for specific research roles.

5. Self-Promotion Strategies: Techniques for effectively selling oneself for research positions, emphasizing strengths, accomplishments, and alignment with the research institution’s goals and requirements.

6. Research Position Identification: Guidance on searching for and distinguishing among various types of research positions available in the US, enabling participants to tailor their applications to specific roles and organizations.

Benefits for Participants:

– Comprehensive Guidance: Participants will receive detailed instructions and practical strategies for navigating the research job market, from identifying opportunities to securing positions that align with their career goals.

– Professional Development: By learning how to communicate effectively with mentors, craft compelling emails and CVs, and excel in interviews, participants can enhance their professional skills and increase their chances of landing desirable research positions.

– Global Perspective: The course offers insights into finding research opportunities beyond the US, broadening participants’ understanding of international research environments and opportunities for professional growth.


This course provides a valuable roadmap for individuals seeking research positions in the US and worldwide. By addressing critical aspects such as finding institutions and mentors, effective communication, interview strategies, and self-promotion techniques, participants can equip themselves with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the research job market and secure positions that align with their academic and professional aspirations. Whether you are a student, early-career researcher, or seasoned professional looking to advance in the field of research, this course offers practical insights and resources to support your career development and success in securing research opportunities.


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