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Stop The Bleed Kit with Online Training Course | Learn How to Stop Bleeding | A Stop The Bleed Simulation Arm with Veins That Actually Bleed & Arteries with Blood Squirting Out!



  • You’ll learn methods to stop & control bleeding in an emergency setting using direct pressure, packing and bandaging, and tourniquets.
  • Methods to stop bleeding in the controlled medical environment: Direct pressure, Packing and bandaging, Tourniquets, Clamping bleeding blood vessels, Tying-off bleeding blood vessels, Suturing, and a variety of other measures available to the medical professional.
  • Medical and healthcare professional students will learn the basic principles of bleeding, hemostasis, shock, and how to control and or stop bleeding in the emergency as well as in a medical environment.
  • The final objective is to enable both the public and all medical professionals to control and stop bleeding effectively, and as a result, prevent the premature death of trauma and mass disaster victims.
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