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Superhuman Speed Reading: 3x Your Reading Speed in A Week



“Dave Farrow, Guinness Record Holder, will entertain you as he takes you through his simple system for speed reading. All you need to do is follow Dave’s simple and entertaining instructions through four exercises. Though individual results may vary, many people see their reading speed rise to more than double in just One hour! After 30 minutes of Dave farrow’s exercises, I more than doubled my reading speed! From 265 words per minutes to over 800 words per minutes. I comprehend and retain more of what I read, even technical information! This has been a real time saver. Thanks Dave.” (Dave D’Silva, PMP, BMath, president IMSG)

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  • Instant Student Success!: the ultimate guide to take any student to the top of the class with the least effort. Cure poor focus, breeze through studying, and never forget a name again.


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