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The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right




Find the practice that’s right for you—and negotiate a contract like a pro.

As medical training transitions into next securing a job at a medical practice finding the right situation is an opportunity to create the life of your dreams. In The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right, Dr. Cory S. Fawcett lays out what to look for in a practice, how to evaluate the critical details, and how to pick the right one. Learn how to negotiate a work and time-off balance to prevent burnout and have time for fun, family, and friends.

The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right is about more than just the money. Dr. Fawcett also offers his financial expertise and reveals steps to pay off student loans to set any medical professional up for financial success. Wisely allocating money early in a medical career directly impacts future wealth and the determines retirement age. Too many doctors are carrying perpetual debt and giving a large chunk of each paycheck to the bank as interest. Begin a medical career with a plan for tackling long term financial goals. This book maps the critical paths and shows how to:

  • Find the right type of practice in the right location
  • Negotiate a contract to get the pay and time off you deserve
  • Become the kind of doctor you want to be, with the right reputation
  • Pay off student-loan debt easier than you thought possible
  • Protect assets with the right insurance
  • Plan for retirement and understand the cost of procrastinating
  • Find the right financial and life balance

This first book in The Doctors Guide series will arm any healthcare professional with the knowledge to launch a successful medical career right from the start.

Praise for The Doctors Guide to Starting Your Practice Right:

“It’s a great book and well worth your time if you find yourself at that stage of life.” —James M. Dahle, MD, The White Coat Investor

“Cory Fawcett is a wealth of information and experience. I wish I had had someone like that to advise me when I was starting out.” —Wealthy Doc

“Repurposed” general surgeon Dr. Cory S. Fawcett is on a mission to eliminate burnout, debt, and bankruptcy among physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurse practitioners, and others healthcare professionals through keynote speaking, writing, and one-on-one coaching. Throughout his career, he’s been passionate about helping doctor’s live healthy, happy, and debt-free lives and regain control of their practices, their time, and finances. Dr. Fawcett is a consultant, speaker, award-winning author, and entrepreneur. He has been an owner, founder, or partner in more than two dozen business and real estate ventures. Dr. Fawcett can be found at


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