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The Neuroanatomy Riddle Book: Test and Expand Your Knowledge



Are you an anatomy nerd, just learning neuroanatomy, or could use a refresher? If so, this will be a fun book for you. And if you’re anything like our colleagues, you love a puzzle as well. Well, the goal of this book is to provide the reader with challenging and interesting neuroanatomical puzzles. In this book you will find 100 four-line riddles with the same general structure and flow. Each of them describes a specific neuroanatomical structure in cryptic form.

This answers to these riddles can be any of the following:
1: A lobe or general region of the brain
2: A central/cranial, or peripheral nerve
3: A central or peripheral nucleus
4: A blood vessel supplying key neurological structures
5: A specific anatomical brain structure
6: A central nervous system tract
7: A neuroanatomical space
8: A neuroanatomical passage

All riddles will incorporate hints to help identify the structure such as general location in the body, what it branches from/to, its general function or dysfunction if impaired, a well-known clinical correlate, or its Latin or Greek name origin. If after reading each riddle, you are still stumped, at the bottom of that page you will find two additional hints to help guide you. On the following page you will find the answer as well as a brief description of the structure, why that answer was correct, and some interesting anatomical/clinical correlates.

#### For each new book sold, $1 will be donated to the Epilepsy Association of Northeast Ohio####


Dr. Dolbow and Dr. Fotedar


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