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Understanding and Healing from TMS: Diagnosis, Treatment, Psychology



This book, Understanding and Healing from TMS, is being distributed in a new format and with some editing changes. It has previously been available as The MindBody Audio Program. So this is both an older (1996-1999) and a newer book. TMS is a way of understanding and treating pain that focuses on the psychological rather than the structural or chemical. The book attempts to explain that mind-body connection, clarify who is a candidate for this approach, and detail the relevant psychology of the condition. The treatment for TMS is education and psychological insight, hence the emphasis on educational materials in this field. There are three parts to this book: a seminar that the author recorded live in the late 1990’s that was recently transcribed and edited. Second part: the transcription of another audio program focusing on diagnosis and treatment. Third part: an interview with a talented psychotherapist and discussion of actual case treatment examples (anonymously) of people treated by the author along with this psychotherapist. After reviewing this transcription in early 2019, it was clear there is a lot of value remaining in this material. If you have previously listened/studied The MindBody Audio Program, you won’t need to read this book. However, the relatively short and relatively inexpensive format will offer both the novice in this field and the more knowledgeable individual exposure to the thinking of the author at the time these materials were recorded. In addition, there are updates and edits to make the material more contemporaneous and relevant.


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