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chase dimarco, greg rodden, ted o'connell

“A skeleton key of learning for the pre-med and med student.”


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This book has absolutely been one of the most informative I’ve seen on the subject. The dozens of tips and recommendations are going to save me countless hours each week that I can direct back into studying or living life! I’ve also never seen such an easy yet robust tool as the MedEdge Method test-taking strategy. I’d recommend this to any students going into or already in medicine if they really want to understand their learning capabilities and maximize their results.



“This book really helped to clarify what it is board exam writers are going after, tricks they use, and how to overcome these obstacles. Getting a deep look into question dissections really helped me to better plan how to attack exams in the future. I didn’t even realize there were these techniques to build up exam endurance! I’m glad to see I’m not alone and their advice to focus only on my own progress really helped to decrease my stress about future tests.”



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