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1 Gram + Cocci: Streptococcus & Staphylococcus
You will almost certainly see these bugs in the clinic! What do these gram-positive microbes have in common, and how can they be distinguished?
2 Gram – Cocci: Clostridium, Baccilus, Listeria, Corynebacterium, Nocardia, Actinomyces
These spherical bacterium can cause all kinds of havoc on the human body! What are the most common presentations you might run into?
4: Gram – Baccilus 1- Campylobacter, Helicobacter, Vibrio, Legionella, Haemophilus, Bordetella, Pseudomonas
6: Gram – Bacillus 3: Gardnerella, Bartonella, Eikenella, Coxiella, Brucella, Francisella, Pasteurella
Intro to Medical Microbiology – Bacteriology
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    Hi All,

    I’m Chase DiMarco and I created this course in 2018 while finishing up my fourth year in medical school. Medicine, and board-relevant material, is constantly changing. I hope this overview will give you a great foundation to start your education in medically relevant microbiology topics.

    Here’s a brief introduction on what to expect in this course and how it will be organized. You may also wish to watch the Optional Resources below, and check out the Bacteriology section of Microbiology Book Online.

    Enjoy the course and I welcome any corrections or feedback!

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