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13 Top Memory Mistakes and Deliberate Practice

The medical mnemonist podcast featuring Dr. Eric Gantwerker discussing video game mechanics for fostering medical learning.
The Medical Mnemonist
13 Top Memory Mistakes and Deliberate Practice

Today we are covering some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions when using mnemonics for studying. Memory training is a tool and a skill. It must be practiced, experimented with, and cultivated. There are no people with “bad memory”, but many with untrained memory.

If you have tried memory techniques in the past and run into trouble, or found that a technique didn’t work for you, I will try to clarify some of the common pitfalls. I also briefly touch on using deliberate practice in your studies, and how to progress to subject mastery.

This is a short episode, but if you like this format let me know and I’d be happy to record some more. Find our links below, comment, and please do leave a review!

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Chase is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.Dcandidate. He is the Founder and educator at MedEd University, which he began in 2014 to consolidate free educational resources for his classmates. He is the host of the Medical Mnemonist Podcast, creator of several medical education platforms, and is the CEO of FindARotation.

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