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3.6 Radiology Clerkships, Women in Medicine with Nisha Mehta MD

Podcasts featuring Rounds to residency with Chase DiMaggio.
Rounds to Residency
3.6 Radiology Clerkships, Women in Medicine with Nisha Mehta MD

Dr. Nisha Mehta discusses changing the culture of medicine by creating open conversations about burnout, work life balance, and financial literacy. 

Show Notes

How Dr. Mehta is Changing Medicine for the Better 

Physician Side Gigs and Entrepreneurship 

Current Health Care Landscape for Women in Medicine 

Work Life Balance as a Physician 

Personal Finance Affects Work Life Balance 

How to Prepare for Radiology Clerkship 

How to Study for Radiology Exams 

Tips for Choosing Your Medical Specialization 

Focus on Being the Best Doctor You Can Be  

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