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51 Medical Mnemonics Masterclass for Medical Students

The medical mnemonist podcast featuring Dr. Eric Gantwerker discussing video game mechanics for fostering medical learning.
The Medical Mnemonist
51 Medical Mnemonics Masterclass for Medical Students

This is our FINAL recap for medical mnemonics as we finish off the best practices for memory palaces and mistakes to be aware of. With an organized structure, we can create very elaborate and dense palaces. Alternatively, with less structure, we can create visual mnemonic associations more quickly.

There are many strategies to utilize when it comes to creating our own personalized visual markers. As it is a creative process, there is no right or wrong answer. Similar to much of learning, it all comes down to what works best for you. This comes from experimentation, education, and consistency. So study smart and remember longer with these key points of memory palace creation for medical students!

Show Notes

Key Episode Points

Begin at the Beginning- Organizing and Structuring Your Memory Palace

Using Spaced-repetition & Adding Linking Markers to Visual Mnemonics

Advanced Techniques- Hyperlinking, PAO, Memory Cities, Mind Forests

Avoid Pitfalls- Negative Self Talk, Density of Visuals, Limited Memory Palaces, and MORE!

To Tech or Not to Tech & Information Overload

For a complete list of episodes, visit our Podcast page. The interviews mentioned in this episode include:

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8. Memory and Mental Health with the Magnetic Memory Method’s Dr. Anthony Metivier

9. Guide to Memory Palaces with the Magnetic Memory Method & Anthony Metivier- Part 2

12. Medical Mnemonics and Spacing Effect with Osmosis Leader Dr. Yifan Xiao

19. Memory Palaces, Spaced Repetition, and Yoda from Ryan Orwig of STATmed Learning Part 2

20. Themes and Organization of Medical Memory Palaces with a Master of Memory Timothy Moser

26. School Success and Productivity with Memory Athlete Brad Zupp

30. Atomic Memory Techniques from Memory Athlete Daniel Kilov

33. Developing Advanced Memory Techniques with Dr. Lev Goldentouch of KeyToStudy (Part 1)

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