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Chase DiMarco, “The Medical Mnemonist”

Chase DiMarco, “The Medical Mnemonist” — We invited him to collaborate with us, to talk about what it is like to study for the USMLE (“Steps”) Certification, and how this applies to FMGs & IMGs since some of us are not accustomed to standardized test-taking, and how to face a study plan by losing the fears and anxiety of sitting down to study for this complex and stress-provoking examination. Chase, is also the host and producer of the podcast that carries the same name, “The Medical Mnemonist Podcast” and is the author of the book “Read This Before Medical School”.    He also has a great project born in 2014,, a repository of free medical education content, quizzes and videos in an effort to organize the multitude of resources for easy student access. He also has collaborated with famous authors and influencers, in the realm of USMLE examination testing skills, partnering with Dr. Ted O’Connell and Dr. Greg Rodden. He also does tutoring and coaching services for personalized training. He emphasizes on the use of proper instructional design, cognitive and learning psychology with his background on Educational Psychology, as this applies to learning and mnemonic technique developments to assist with information overload that students might face.    We also touch briefly on the controversial changes in the USMLE Step 1 into a PASS/FAIL Score, instead of a 3 digits number.

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Podcast Host

Chase is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.Dcandidate. He is the Founder and educator at MedEd University, which he began in 2014 to consolidate free educational resources for his classmates. He is the host of the Medical Mnemonist Podcast, creator of several medical education platforms, and is the CEO of FindARotation.

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