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Dr. Omar Cardenas – “Surviving Cuba & Faking Mental Insanity to Escape the Communist Regime”

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Dr. Omar Cardenas - "Surviving Cuba & Faking Mental Insanity to Escape the Communist Regime"

Have you ever faked mental illness to accomplish your goals? – I doubt it, and if you have, I think under some different circumstances, difficult times lead to difficult measures, and for our Guest, Dr. Omar Cardenas, it was what was needed to escape the socialist regimen that has been in Cuba since the 20th century until today!  He fled his native country of Cuba during “El Mariel” boatlift.  For those not familiar with this event, in 1980 a massive Cuban emigration (more than 100k people) came to the US port of Key West in the largest migration of Cuban citizens to the US in such a short time in history. The exodus of Cubans was triggered by the progressive deterioration of life conditions in Cuba and the failed promise of a better life given by the communist elite.  Dr. Cardenas, halfway through his medical education, came to the US and had to sacrifice his previous education and work in menial jobs for nine years until he decided to go to Madrid, Spain, and complete his education at the “Universidad Complutense”.  When he was done, he returned to the State with his family.  He passed the certifying exams without an issue and had to retake them due to ECFMG Credentialing modifications, and was able to get it done.  He obtained a residency position in Internal Medicine in Philadelphia and finished his long carrier in 1997.  Now, after almost 31 years since obtaining his initial medical degree, he works as a hospitalist in Tampa and shares his story of motivation with us.  It will move you (it moved me!) and will make you realize, that just a few struggles, shall not make you break or give up when pursuing your most wanted dreams.  So, NEVER GIVE UP…  Please Listen, share it and love it and if you do, leave us a great 5 stars review if we deserve it.  Alonso Osorio, M.D. 

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