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Episode #38 – How to get a spot for a Residency in Radiology, very competitive, But is it possible?: Ihsan Mamoun, M.D.

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Episode #38 - How to get a spot for a Residency in Radiology, very competitive, But is it possible?: Ihsan Mamoun, M.D.

A listener’s request! – We do listen to our followers and adopt suggestions for future guests in our podcast. Today we invited Dr. Ihsan Irfan Mamoun, specialized in Radiology – He studied Medical School at Jordan University of Science and Technology, with a Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery, MBBS. He also has a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Ashland University and completed a Residency Training in the Specialty of Radiology at the Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, OH (To include an Internal Medicine Preliminary year at the same institution). Then he followed it with two fellowships, one in Neuro-Radiology and another one in Pediatric Radiology. He represents the “Dream come true” for an IMG. He explains his path and the dedication needed to make himself an attractive applicant to such a competitive specialty. We talk about the specific qualifications required to have an opportunity to make it into Radiology, and we describe how crucial is the process of having strong LORs, PS, and Research experience related to the specialty of your choice. As you listen, we also talk about a topic of interest, which is Preliminary and Transitional years, and how important it is to follow the correct application process for the ERAS.  I hope this episode brings some enlightenment and expands on topics that are crucial to obtain a position for GME in the USA. Thanks for listening, and remember, to leave feedback, a review, and share it with friends and colleagues. We also have a YouTube Channel where you can also listen to the content and material: We are available in pretty much every global platform where podcasts can be found and downloaded.

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