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Episode #45: Virtual Residency Interviews – Tips for Acing your Interview Day & How not get overwhelmed by Technology!

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Episode #45: Virtual Residency Interviews - Tips for Acing your Interview Day & How not get overwhelmed by Technology!

RESIDENCY APPLICATION & VIRTUAL INTERVIEWING The 2020-2021 USMLE / ECFMG Cycle for interviewing through ERAS has opened, and applications are currently under review. As we move forward with Interview offerings, the need to adapt and transition into a virtual platform of telecommunication has been a rapid process that will be implemented and launched right away. For the Residency Programs, this has not been an easy challenge, and the implementation had to be expeditious. Multiple organizations have played a significant role in advising the proper way to conduct a fair, humane, and unbiassed interviewing process that will allow the selection process for the coveted spots in a reasonable fashion without turmoil. Despite all the COVID related measures taken regarding social distancing, one of them is directly impacting us. We must adapt, train, and prepare for the virtual interviewing set up that will be in place. A few suggestions of advice to consider before venturing in this process to ensure adequate preparation: Identify a Quiet & Suitable Environment. Avoid any potential distractions. Use a professional backdrop. Beware of the Unconscious bias. Technological set up (Hardware / Software). Familiarize with the Interview Materials (Read the “Game Rules”). Verify that the residency program has your contact information. Personal hygiene and professional dress code. Double-check that technology is working correctly. Take notes. Be on time. Be professional. Be thankful for the opportunity. Best of luck with this new virtual environment – and as always, be flexible and adapt to the “new way of doing things” after the COVID19 Pandemic. I only wish that soon we all come back to our previous “normal” in which human interaction was essential for the identification of the proper applicant, that will be the right residency for the residency position. Programs and Ruling associations are working hard to optimize the process and make it as humane as possible. For now, prepare well, so you will “Shine” through the screen. I hope this helps! Alonso Osorio, M.D. FACEP, FAAEM, FAAFP. /

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