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Episode # 67: “Brain Surgeon or Aquaman?” – The Importance of Physicians Wellness

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Episode # 67: "Brain Surgeon or Aquaman?" - The Importance of Physicians Wellness

Deep Diving – A Brain Surgeon’s Choice for Practicing Wellness! Dr. Juan Valdivia-Valdivia returns to speak everything about Deep (sea) Diving and how this correlates with his professional career as a Brain & Spine Surgeon. Based on Tampa Bay, Dr. Valdivia found a niche in a rare and unique sport that takes Cardiopulmonary / Brain Physiology to a new level.  The human body does not know limits, and the overall body and mind preparation is required for this and many other disciplines (Not only sports but also business, relationships, etc.) Some of the topics that we discussed are: 1. Visualization techniques and similarities for performance: Surgery vs. Freediving. 2. Self-programming or Mind-programming & how it helps in surgery (life, sports, business) and a parallel to other activities like freediving.  3. What it means to be “Present in the Here and Now.” 4. How to balance life with a busy practice, a study schedule, a family life. How crucial is wellness in the process of preparation and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  5. The Brain and Water, and his opinion on evolution, neuroanatomy, and in-water physiology responses.  6. The Ocean: “The Big Mother” – an interesting concept! 7. Why humans have felt attracted to the water/ocean so much over our process of evolution.  8. Why do humans love to dive and breathe hold? 9. What’s the foundation for a good physician/doctor/provider. 10. What does it mean to “Put the patient first!”. Many of you wonder why we speak about this topic. The reason behind it is the content discussed and how it could help us use strategies to increase and maximize performance during the USMLE test-taking process and ECFMG certification pathway.  Never forgetting and leaving behind yourself and your loved ones, and having a balance at work and in life. His perspective as a Neurosurgeon is interesting, and visualization and mind programming could help quite a bit with the proper test-taking preparation and eventually a good outcome and success in achieving your goals! He shared an amazing link on YouTube that explains further this interesting and rare sport: Freediving! Enjoy, and Please share! Do not forget to visit:  Contact me at:  Thank you again for listening,  Alonso Osorio, M.D. FACEP, FAAEM, FAAFP.       

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