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Final Episode – Goodbye for Now!

Osorio md img masterclass
IMG Masterclass
Final Episode - Goodbye for Now!

After almost 80 episodes and 2 years of Podcasting production, I am sorry to say goodbye for now! – Life demands and family-related expectations have led me to make the decision to put an end to the FMG-IMG Podcast. As you can imagine, this requires quite a bit of effort and dedication time to be put together. Not only content preparation, guest invitations, editing, and publishing takes quite a bit of effort. Current professional demands and life commitments have led to a steep decline in the frequency of productions, and I made the decision as of last month that for now, I will be taking a hiatus at this line of communication.  I hope you have enjoyed it very much and I thank you for reaching out to me for consulting, advice and mentorship. Your comments and feedback have been nothing but kind and I am truly grateful for your listening and being a fantastic audience. Life will get us together again, and I will look forward to sharing other projects with you as soon as life gives me another opportunity, for now, I am putting away the Mic, and storing all the production gadgets.  Thanks again for all the support over the last 2 years, I will keep you posted as things evolve and the new projects mature. Happy end of 2021! Best, Dr. Alonso Osorio. Good bye!  

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