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Match Day & “My lessons learned” by Dr. Freddy Escobar, M.D.

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IMG Masterclass
Match Day & "My lessons learned" by Dr. Freddy Escobar, M.D.

Dr. Escobar is a graduate from Universidad Surcolombiana in Neiva, Colombia & now a successfully matched FMG at the Categorical Neurology Program with the University of Central Florida at Osceola Regional Hospital.    Over more than an hour, we held a phenomenal chat, that summarizes the timeline and schedule before the Match. We cover interesting and crucial topics such as Building Resume and Personal Statement, Collecting and Certifying your credentials, Financial investments and economical sacrifices during this process, along with Interviewing and Traveling arrangements tips followed by the creation of a Rank Order List (ROL), and how he had to keep recertifying it until he used his “gut feeling” to make the best decision for himself and the future of his next career for the incoming 4 years of GME.    He shares his inspiration, talks about what he learns from his mistakes and how he would do it if he had to repeat it “all over again”. He is fortunate and shows the positive and bright side of the process but also the barriers found, as he went through it and most importantly helps us enlighten the path for those in the path of going through it on the 2021 Match season, to start this incoming 2020 fall. I hope his energy and commitment give everyone some tips of advice on how to confront this stressful matching process!  

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Keep rocking it, Superstars! and stay in touch… your Host, Dr. Alonso Osorio, M.D. 

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