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“V MD” Residency Application YouTube Video Series with Vaibhavi Solanki, M.D.

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IMG Masterclass
"V MD" Residency Application YouTube Video Series with Vaibhavi Solanki, M.D.

Dr. Solanki, best known as Dr. “V,” has an amazing YouTube Channel named “V MD.” She is an India Born and Canadian raised IMG that went to School in Granada at St. George’s University and is currently an Internal Medicine Resident Physician at State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center  & Former Canada’s Top20 Under20.    She focuses her discussions on Residency Applications, Interviewing Tips, Specialty-specific advice, Medical School Advice, and much more using her life Journey.    Her video content spans approximately eight segments about:   * ERAS Applications Step-by-Step Parts 1 & 2 * Top Ranked Factors to get Residency Interviews * Letters of Recommendation (LORs)  * Personal Statements  * Email Etiquette * How to find Residency Programs    Her mission is to help other students achieve the same goals! After scoring 240+ on my USMLEs and having great success through the ERAS/NRMP residency application process (25+ interviews), she decided to create her YouTube channel as a platform for mentorship and provide useful tips for aspiring medical students and physicians alike.   She can be found at:   Instagram: @iamdoctorv_   LinkedIn:   or visit her YouTube Channel:   I hope you find all her tools of advice as helpful as they were for me, by updating me in the most recent essential and high yield facts to consider when considering GME in the USA.   

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Thanks for listening,    Alonso Osorio, M.D. 

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