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Read This Before Medical School



Will medical school make or break you?

Whether you’ve just gotten your acceptance or are already in the cadaver lab, you can get through (relatively) unscathed by learning from those who’ve already survived and thrived. Herein, we provide you with the hard-won tips, tools, and insights that helped us to excel during those four grueling years.

How to Study Smarter and Live Better While Excelling in Class and on your USMLE or COMLEX Board Exams


**Book Overview:**

**Title: Read This Before Medical School*


– **Yifan Xiao, MD:** Senior Manager at Osmosis, heralds the book as a toolbox of essential techniques for students and teachers, emphasizing its value for efficient learning.
– **Dr. Charles Cochran MD:** Founder of, praises the book for its comprehensive advice on study plans, memory techniques, and work-life balance, highlighting its relevance for new medical students.

**Key Features:**

– **Comprehensive Guide:** The book aims to equip medical students with practical tips, tools, and insights garnered from successful experiences to excel during the demanding years of medical school.

– **Diverse Insights:** Drawing inspiration from various disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, education, business, and self-help, it offers a holistic approach to accelerate students’ development as future physicians.

– **Practical Resources:** Apart from study tips and test-taking strategies, the book offers recommendations for external resources such as websites and apps that can enhance students’ learning experience and performance.

**Key Topics Covered:**

1. **Study Tips:** Strategies to navigate coursework effectively and excel in classes.

2. **Test-Taking Strategies:** Guidance to succeed in major board exams like the USMLE and COMLEX.

3. **Accelerated Learning Techniques:** Insights into speed reading, memory palaces, and mind mapping to enhance learning efficiency.

4. **Time Management and Productivity:** Hacks to optimize study time and increase productivity.

5. **Self-Assessment Tools:** Recommendations for tracking personal development and progress.

6. **Wellness and Burnout Prevention:** Advice on maintaining wellness, achieving work-life balance, and preventing burnout during the demanding medical school journey.


*Read This Before Medical School: The Ultimate Guide for Success* provides an invaluable resource for medical students seeking to navigate the challenges of medical school successfully. With a focus on practical strategies, diverse insights, and comprehensive guidance, this book equips students with the tools and knowledge needed to excel academically, maintain well-being, and thrive throughout their medical education. By offering a wealth of information in a clear and concise manner, this guide serves as a go-to reference for students aiming to maximize their learning potential and achieve success in their medical careers.

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2 reviews for Read This Before Medical School

  1. ALI B

    I find medical mnemonics and memory training fascinating. Besides Sketchy and Picmonic it’s difficult to come by mnemonics and visual training specific for medicine. This, coupled with the speed reading and evidence-based strategies mentioned throughout the book, make this a highly valuable resource for students. This is definitely a unique and useful approach to studying.

  2. Kirstin Watkins

    This book really helped to clarify what it is board exam writers are going after, tricks they use, and how to overcome these obstacles. Getting a deep look into question dissections really helped me to better plan how to attack exams in the future. I didn’t even realize there were these techniques to build up exam endurance! I’m glad to see I’m not alone and their advice to focus only on my own progress really helped to decrease my stress about future tests.

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