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Name that Nerve



Name That Nerve Game Overview:

The Cranial Nerves Game challenges players to guess the 12 cranial nerves with the fewest clues possible, earning more points for accurate guesses with fewer hints. Developed by Dr. Martha Rosenthal, a distinguished Professor of Physiology/Neuroscience at Florida Gulf Coast University and Director of the Cannabis Research, Education, and Workforce initiative, this game offers a fun and engaging way to review cranial nerves. Ideal for college, graduate, and medical students, as well as anyone interested in a stimulating educational experience.

Game Mechanics:
– Each of the 12 cranial nerves has 4 clues, with increasing levels of difficulty.
– Teams bid on the number of clues needed to identify a cranial nerve, aiming for fewer clues to maximize points.
– Bonus cards offer additional challenges to test players’ knowledge further.

About Dr. Martha Rosenthal:
– Holds expertise in biology, neuropharmacology, and neuroscience.
– Advocates for the use of educational games in the classroom.
– Published works include the textbook “Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society” by Oxford University Press.

Educational Value:
– Encourages active learning and retention of cranial nerve knowledge.
– Promotes critical thinking and strategic decision-making through clue bidding.
– Offers an interactive and enjoyable method for students to review complex anatomical concepts.

– College students, graduate students, medical students, and individuals seeking an engaging way to enhance their understanding of cranial nerves.

The Cranial Nerves Game, created by Dr. Martha Rosenthal, provides a dynamic and interactive platform for players to test their knowledge of cranial nerves. With its innovative gameplay mechanics and educational focus, the game offers an entertaining way for students and enthusiasts to delve into the complexities of neuroanatomy.


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