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Name that Nerve



Test your knowledge about the cranial nerves! The object of the game is to guess the cranial nerves with the fewest number of clues. Each of the 12 cranial nerves has 4 clues associated with it, from hardest (#1) to easiest (#4). During their turn, each team will “bid” for how many clues it will take to guess the cranial nerve. The fewer the clues—the more points they win! Teams also have the option of playing bonus cards that test their knowledge even more. This game is great for college students, graduate students, medical students, or anyone who wants a fun way to review the cranial nerves.

The game was developed by Dr. Martha Rosenthal, Professor of Physiology/Neuroscience at Florida Gulf Coast University and Director of the Cannabis Research, Education, and Workforce initiative. Dr. Rosenthal has degrees in biology, neuropharmacology, and neuroscience. She has published and presented on the use of educational games in the classroom. She recently published the textbook, Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society. New York: Oxford University Press.


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