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The Doctor is IN: Answering Your Questions About How to Survive Caregiving



Book Overview:

“The Doctor is IN: Five Keys to Caregiver Survival” serves as a companion book to Dr. Cheryl’s popular eldercare resource, offering essential guidance and insights for caregivers seeking to provide exceptional care for seniors while also prioritizing their own well-being. Drawing on her extensive experience in Geriatric Medicine and personal journey as a caregiver for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, Dr. Cheryl presents a unique perspective that combines medical expertise with firsthand caregiving experience.

Key Features:

1. Five Keys to Caregiver Survival: Dr. Cheryl outlines essential strategies for caregiver well-being, addressing key challenges such as guilt, grief, stress, personal needs, and maintaining a balance between a senior’s independence and safety.

2. Practical Advice: Each chapter addresses specific questions and challenges commonly faced by caregivers, drawing from Dr. Cheryl’s interactions with caregivers in her medical practice and national presentations.

3. Comprehensive Support: The book covers a range of topics, including transitioning to life after caregiving, preparing for caregiving responsibilities, dispelling misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease, and offering insights from experienced caregivers known as “Care Warriors.”

Benefits for Caregivers:

– Personalized Guidance: Dr. Cheryl’s advice is tailored to address the real-life struggles and questions caregivers encounter in their roles, providing practical solutions and emotional support.

– Empowerment: By sharing wisdom from her medical expertise and personal caregiving experience, Dr. Cheryl empowers caregivers to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and prioritize their well-being.

– Community and Reassurance: The book fosters a sense of community among caregivers by sharing experiences and wisdom from other caregivers, offering reassurance that it is possible to provide excellent care without sacrificing personal health, finances, relationships, or joy.


“The Doctor is IN: Five Keys to Caregiver Survival” is a valuable resource for caregivers seeking support, guidance, and reassurance in their caregiving journey. Dr. Cheryl’s blend of medical knowledge, personal experience, and compassionate advice equips caregivers with practical strategies to navigate the complexities of eldercare while prioritizing their own well-being. By addressing common challenges and offering insights from experienced caregivers, this book empowers caregivers to provide excellent care without compromising their own health, relationships, or happiness.


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