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The Thriver’s Guide to Medical School



Medical school is hard — but it won’t be for you!

The Thriver’s Guide to Medical School is a collection of personal stories from an underdog doctor who was once dismissed from medical school, combined with supporting insights from Harvard researchers, world-renowned physicians, TEDx speakers, and much more — on the importance of failure and how to bounce back from any obstacle.

This book seeks to help you . . .

  • Identify and let go of negative thoughts to make room for powerful ones
  • Create confidence in the face of fear and failure
  • Cope with loss, burnout, heartbreak, and any other situation you might encounter in medical school, and in life

Richman wants you to know that you can achieve greatness and be kind to others. You can strive for excellence and show yourself compassion. You can be an exceptional doctor and an extraordinary human being.

The Thriver’s Guide to Medical School is for anyone who has felt alone in their hardships and is ready to do more than survive them — they’re ready to thrive.


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