9 Best Podcasts for Premeds

MedEd University | 9 Best Podcasts for Premeds

Are you looking for quality resources for your studying? Podcast searches are unpredictable and many of the recommended podcast lists out there haven’t been updated in years!

Here, we will cover some of the top podcasts out there for premeds. As “best” can be very subjective, we used a few filters to help bring you the most current list of best podcasts for premeds.

Though there are countless metrics in which you could choose a podcast, at the time of this research these shows have been filtered to have:

  • A minimum of 12 episodes to demonstrate stability (most shows don’t last very long)
  • Posted within the last 6 weeks to demonstrate recency
  • Posted at least once per month to demonstrate consistency
  • Been vetted for the value of their content
  • Focus on premeds or the MCAT (not diluted down with other undergrad student specialties)

Podcasts by Students

pluripotent premed podcast

Pluripotent Premed

This show is hosted by two med students in Canada, Ziad and Christopher, and just makes the cutoff at 12 episodes. However, they are already planning their next season so we don’t need to worry about this one going on the shelf anytime soon! They cover many important topics involving med school applications, CARS, the interviewing process, and extracurriculars for your applications. Plus, if you are looking for medical student material you can also check out their other show, Multipotent MD!


9 Best Podcasts For Premeds

Surviving Medicine

This one was difficult to categorize due to the shifting focus from premeds to medical students to residents. However, as it is all in the same family, we decided it qualifies for the list. The host, Frank, began this podcast as an MD/PhD-candidate and covers the full gamut of medical learner questions. From med school admissions to physicians on social media, you can likely find an episode to suit your needs! He has been putting out consistent and interesting content since 2018 and hopefully will continue to do so for some time. He has also taken a special interest in lifestyle medicine and nutrition for those interested in these future pathways.

Podcasts by Physicians

all access med school podcast


All Access: Med School Admissions

Brought to you by Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, this show will lead you through listener questions involving the complicated process of premed admissions, interviews, and much more. Hosted by Christian Essman, Senior Director of Admissions, you get over 15 years of experiences from someone who knows! By bringing interviews from Deans and Admissions Directors from schools across the nation, you know you are getting some of the most relevant and current information out there regarding applying to medical school.

9 Best Podcasts For Premeds

Dominate Premed

Dr. Andre Pinesett, formerly of From the Bottom of the Premed Pack, has focused on premed productivity and efficiency for years. His newest addition to the world of premed podcasts focuses on premed struggles, inspirational stories, and practical advice to help premeds succeed in their academic goals. It’s sort of a mix of Tony Robbins-like advice and medical professional experiences. These short episodes can be a great way to boost your confidence or receive a quick audio pick-me-up before a stressful event!

9 Best Podcasts For Premeds

MCAT Basics

Prospective Doctor and MedSchoolCoach bring you topics covered on the MCAT, how to study for CARS, and all of your exam content needs. Each episode, Sam Smith will cover an exam topic from start to finish or host expert interviews from top MCAT scorers and tutors. Each week Sam covers one topic that you are sure to find on the MCAT and covers the high-yield information you need to know about it. If exam stress has got you down, MCAT Basics has you covered!

9 Best Podcasts for Premeds

MedEd Media Series

If you have been reading this list and asking yourself, “Wait, where is Dr. Ryan Gray?” we haven’t forgotten him! His media company hosts the vast majority of podcasts in this arena that fit our qualifications including The MCAT Podcast, The PreMed Years, The MCAT CARSpodcast, The Premed Diaries, Old Premeds, Premed Q&A, The Short Coat Podcast, and others. Doing a review for each show independently is way beyond the scope of this post. Needless to say, there will be information relevant to you in nearly any stage of your premed journey. Simply type in “MCAT” or “Premed” in your podcast player of choice and his are usually the first to pop up.

Podcasts for Study Tips

9 Best Podcasts For Premeds

The Learning Scientists

If you want to know the science behind a particular study technique, look no further! This show is hosted by a team of cognitive psychologists that specialize in the most effective learning strategies. Using their 6 Strategies for Effective Learning, students can stop wasting time with ineffective study methods (highlighting, re-reading notes, re-reading textbooks) and focus on what REALLY works! They have a free podcast, blog posts, and even books for those that wish to delve into their studies a little deeper.

9 Best Podcasts For Premeds

The College Info Geek

If you have ever looked up “study skills” or “productivity for school” in the past, it is likely you have run across Thomas Frank and his YouTube videos. For some time now, he has been joined by his colleague, Martin Boehme, to translate some of the most interesting research in efficiency and productivity into the mainstream. Most tools and tips discussed are very generalizable and can be implemented by anyone at any stage of their education. Pick a few and try them out!

medical mnemonics, medical memory palacesT

he Medical Mnemonist Podcast

Okay, granted this is tooting our own horn a bit but it’s difficult to find many resources for college-level study skills. Everyone assumes we already know everything we need to know! This is simply not the case. The MMP covers many of the topics discussed in the Learning Scientists and College Infor Geek with a focus on healthcare and medical students. We also cover mnemonics training so you can create your own visuals like Sketchy Medicine and Picmonic! With a combination of expert interviews, tutorials, and summarized highlights you are sure to find some useful information to set you above your classmates. Get started early and beat that bell curve!

It seems there is still plenty of room in this field if you want to add to the content and stand out on your own. With a huge segment dominated by physicians and organizations, there may be a large portion of the student population that would like to hear from their peers. Team up with other premeds, medical students, and even physicians and get your content heard!

Do you agree with these recommendations or have any to add? Feel free to leave a comment or shoot us a message on social media!