58 Lessons Learned in Medical Education Entrepreneurship

Chase DiMarco holds an MS, MBA-HA, and is an MD/PhD-candidate, having studied at Saint James School of Medicine in the Caribbean. He is the founder of MedEd University and host of The Medical Mnemonist and 1-Minute Preceptor podcast. Chase has also co-authored the book Read This Before Medical School. Today’s episode sees Chase interviewed by 4th year medical student Sharif. They will cover his time in medical school and how he would approach studying if he could go back.

Show Notes

What Motivated Chase to Begin FreeMedEd

Filling the Gaps: What Teachers Don’t Know About Learning Techniques

The Benefits of Preceptors

How Chase Would Have Applied Memory Techniques for Study

The International Schooling Experience

The Qualities of a Successful Medical Student

Competitiveness and Burnout

Chase’s Daily Medical Student Routine

The Techniques Chase Wishes He Knew in Medical School

Implementing a Mind Palace

Quality of Learning Over Quantity

Using Memory Techniques to Create Free-Time



How to Make a Memory Palace on Youtube


Read This Before Medical School by Chase DiMarco, Theodore X. O’Connell and Gregory Rodden

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