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Burnout Breakthrough: Make the Most of Your Time, Your Family, Your Health, Your Career



Do you feel as though you never have enough time to get everything done?
Are you missing out on important events in your loved ones’ lives because you don’t have the time?
Are you exhausted, burned out and dissatisfied with your career and lifestyle?

This practical and powerful book will show you how to take back control of your life. It is for physicians who suffer from excessive stress, over-commitment, and strained relationships. It addresses some of the most challenging problems that doctors face, such as daily time management and family concerns, in a concise, high-yield manner.

More than half of physicians are burned out and frustrated with their careers. Some are struggling to balance their roles of physician and parent and often feel guilty for missing so much time with family. They feel a lack of joy in their career or purpose in their life. Burnout undermines their health, happiness and careers. It ruins the lives of their family members, their patients and those they work with regularly. It can even lead to self-destructive behavior, including substance abuse, depression, divorce and suicide.

Burnout Breakthrough moves past the popular ideologies frequently touted to treat burnout and provides concrete solutions to the biggest problems facing physicians.

Burnout Breakthrough illuminates a path out of burnout through:

  • Concrete steps to take back control of your time
  • Practical actions you can take right now to start the healing process
  • A common sense way out of the stress, frustration and guilt many physicians feel
  • Clarity on your goals and a plan for your career

Follow the advice in this book to regain control of your work-life balance. Rediscover the purpose in your career and reclaim your valuable time so that you can enjoy your loved ones. 

What’s stopping you from having a career you enjoy and a better work-life balance?

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