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Physician Underdog: Leveraging the Underdog Mentality to Move Forward




Several years ago as a practicing physician, I was struck by a feeling that I could more broadly impact the world around me. This led me to study, question, discover, and eventually enter the world of investing and entrepreneurship. I co-founded a healthcare service company that is now in multiple states, and also co-founded a venture capital firm that I run full time. These endeavors have since employed thousands, yielded millions in revenues and returns, and influenced people to realize their full potential.

Along the way, I shared my journey with fellow physicians and investors. Often they would comment on how encouraging it was to know they could think bigger, or differently, or otherwise outside the box. This was the inspiration for Physician Underdog, written with the hope to inspire others, and hopefully lead a few people to think on a broader scale.

While I am still very much a medical professional, my personal mission now is to share innovative ways for other physicians to fulfill their goals, satisfy their ambitions, and be of service. I hope this information inspires you to explore endless possibilities in the spirit of making the world a much more positive place.

This is for you if you are:

A physician entrepreneur

A leader who wants to create an impact within your organization

An investor who wants to make money while driving purpose

A burned-out physician who wants help

A burned-out professional who wants help

Someone who wants to know why physicians and health care providers are burning out

Someone who feels you have a ceiling over your career

Someone who wants to excel beyond your perceived potential

Someone who thinks being a physician has only one designated pathway

Are dedicating your career to caring for others, but also need to find ways take care of yourself


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