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Empiric Outpatient Medicine



Empiric Outpatient Medicine is a 15 minute infectious disease card game for 2-4 players.

This is the first edition for 2021. The game is designed for education for physicians and medical trainees including medical students, residents, PA students, NP students, and pharmacy students.

Content is primarily derived from IDSA and CDC guidelines to teach antimicrobial selection for common and important infections.

Learn antibiotic classes, mechanism, spectrum of activity and delivery options with color coding and icons built into antibiotic cards.

This package is the 2021 First Edition which contains 52 play cards including 22 infection cards contain treatment options, and learning points.

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This is an educational game and does no give recommendations treatment of specific patients in the real world.

Also check out other versions including: Empiric Pediatric and Empiric Emergency Medicine (There is some overlapping content between versions)


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