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Empiric Outpatient Medicine



Game Overview:

Empiric Outpatient Medicine is a fast-paced 15-minute infectious disease card game designed for 2-4 players, catering to physicians and medical trainees such as medical students, residents, PA students, NP students, and pharmacy students. This first edition for 2021 serves as an educational tool, drawing content from reputable guidelines like IDSA and CDC to facilitate learning about antimicrobial selection for prevalent infections encountered in outpatient settings.

Key Features:

1. Educational Focus: The game is structured to educate players on antibiotic classes, mechanisms, spectrum of activity, and delivery options through content derived from established guidelines, enhancing participants’ understanding of appropriate antimicrobial therapy.

2. Interactive Learning: By engaging in gameplay, players can actively absorb and apply knowledge about antibiotics in a dynamic and interactive manner, fostering a deeper understanding of infectious disease management.

3. Visual Aids: The antibiotic cards feature color-coding and icons that represent specific characteristics such as antibiotic classes, mechanisms, and spectrum of activity, providing a visual aid to aid players in associating key information.

Included Package:

– The 2021 First Edition package contains 52 play cards, with 22 infection cards detailing treatment options and key learning points, providing a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for players.

Feedback and Contact:

Your feedback on Empiric Outpatient Medicine is welcomed at or via email at The game emphasizes that it is an educational tool and does not provide recommendations for treating specific patients in real-world scenarios.

Expansion Versions:

Players can explore other versions of the game, including Empiric Pediatric and Empiric Emergency Medicine, with some content overlap between versions, offering a variety of educational experiences across different medical specialties.


Empiric Outpatient Medicine offers a stimulating and educational platform for healthcare professionals and medical trainees to enhance their understanding of antimicrobial therapy in outpatient settings. By leveraging gamification and expert guidelines, the game promotes interactive learning, facilitates knowledge retention, and reinforces best practices in antibiotic selection. With its emphasis on visual aids, comprehensive content, and interactive gameplay, the first edition provides a valuable resource for players looking to improve their skills in managing infectious diseases and selecting appropriate antimicrobial treatments.


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