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How to Join, Buy, Or Merge A Physician’s Practice 1st Edition



Book Overview:

Designed for residents, fellows, and physicians navigating career decisions, this practical guide serves as a comprehensive resource for job search strategies, evaluating opportunities, negotiating contracts, and transitioning between positions. The book equips readers with tools, techniques, and resources to identify their goals, build support networks, assess job prospects, negotiate favorable contract terms, secure optimal practice opportunities, and transition with confidence. Through charts, tables, query lists, and real-life anecdotes, the book aims to educate, stimulate critical thinking, and empower readers to make informed career choices.

Key Features:

1. Structured Career Roadmap: The book offers a systematic approach to the career decision-making process, breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps for residents, fellows, and physicians.

2. Practical Tools: Query lists enable readers to define their goals, evaluate potential opportunities, and negotiate contracts effectively. Sample CVs and key terms further equip readers with essential resources and terminology for successful career planning and transitions.

3. Real-Life Lessons: Anecdotes and real-life scenarios provide relatable insights, helping readers learn from others’ experiences, avoid common pitfalls, and make informed decisions in their career paths.

4. Resource Directory: The inclusion of national and state medical organizations’ names and addresses simplifies the credentialing process, facilitates application procedures, and ensures awareness of important dates relevant to medical practice.

Benefits for Readers:

– Empowerment: By offering practical guidance and tools, the book empowers residents, fellows, and physicians to proactively manage their careers, navigate job transitions, and negotiate contracts with confidence.

– Educational Approach: Through charts, tables, and key terms, the book educates readers on industry-specific terminology, negotiation strategies, and best practices in career planning.

– Preventative Guidance: Real-life anecdotes and lessons help readers anticipate challenges, avoid common mistakes, and approach career decisions with a well-rounded understanding of potential pitfalls.


This career guide tailored for medical professionals provides a structured roadmap, practical tools, and valuable resources to assist residents, fellows, and physicians in making informed career decisions. By breaking down the career planning process into manageable steps, offering real-life examples, and providing essential templates and contact information, the book equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate job searches, negotiations, and transitions successfully. Ultimately, it aims to empower healthcare professionals to secure rewarding practice opportunities and make confident, well-informed decisions based on their individual preferences and goals.


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