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How to Learn Faster and Remember More: 4 Easy Techniques


Have you ever sat down to learn faster with some new accelerated learning technique and thrown your hands up in the air?

No, not to catch a balloon or give a salute.

But because you were furious and frustrated?

And have you felt that a learning process was so hard that you just wanted to give up?

I hear you!

After all, I’ve put some of the toughest learning challenges in front of myself all the time.

Languages like Biblical Hebrew, German, Chinese, over 100 verses of Sanskrit.

Then there are the musical instruments I’ve learned like trombone, sitar and bass.

Plus I’ve used my ability to learn something at laser-fast speeds to help me run the memory website you’re reading now:

Hands-on mechanical tasks like figuring out how to spread the good news about memory techniques with videos, blogs and podcasts.

And in all cases, it takes grit and mental strength.

It takes tenacity.


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