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Practical Guide to Psychiatric Medications – 2nd Edition: Simple, Concise, & Up-to-date




  • How much time do you spend researching psychiatric medications?
  • How frequently do patients ask you questions about a medication you don’t know the answer to?
  • Have you ever wished you could reference a single source for information about psychiatric medications instead of sifting through websites and bulky reference guides for answers?
  • Now, thanks to the complete and cutting-edge reference guide “Practical Guide to Psychiatric Medications”, the 2nd Edition, written by award-winning psychiatrist Tanveer A. Padder, MD, you can bring your valuable attention back to your patients.
  • Meticulously organized by disorder, it provides a comprehensive, in-depth presentation of the most clinically relevant information on psychiatric medications based on years of research and hands-on clinical experience, including:
  1. Indications and contraindications
  2. Dosing protocols
  3. Common side effects
  4. Black box warnings
  5. Drug interaction
  6. Pharmacokinetics
  7. Off label use
  8. Tapering/withdrawal protocol
  9. Use in special populations.
  10. Important clinical pearls and much more

Guide features:

  • Through the up-to-date and clinical evidence-based descriptions of current psychiatric medications; covering everything from dosing protocols to drug side effects, interactions, Black box warnings & much more
  • Effects of psychotropic drugs on specific populations, such as children, the elderly and pregnant women, as well as in certain medical conditions like kidney, liver, HIV & other medical conditions.
  • Succinct analysis of the emerging topics in psychiatry, including mental health implications of Covid-19, medical cannabis use, and the ongoing opiate epidemic in America.
  • Recent advances in psychiatry highlighting the latest innovations & interventions in the field, such as Tele-psychiatry, digital therapies and apps, Wearable devices, and Novel & personalized medications
  • Latest innovations & interventions in psychiatry, including Tele-psychiatry, digital therapies and apps, and wearable devices.
  • An updated and revised list of novel & personalized medications which are currently being studied, including AI-based precision medicine.
  • Conveniently portable and artfully condensed, this time-saving resource has revolutionized the day-to-day practice of busy clinicians by bringing the most salient clinical information directly at their fingertips.


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