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Module 1
Many professionals (and students) have a deep desire to educate the next generation. And, let's face it, many of them could probably do better than some of our past instructors!But organizing and creating content, running the tech and websites, and marketing it to the masses can be quite overwhelming.Here, you'll learn the high-yield information you need to get started in your course creation journey...and how MedEd University can help!
How to Create an Online Course – Medicine & Healthcare
    About Lesson

    Ever wonder why some YouTube videos attract millions of followers and others flounder?

    There’s a bit of an algorithm to follow within your videos to not only attract viewers but also to keep them engaged! Luckily, we can use some of these tactics to make more enticing educational material as well.

    Begone, boring lectures! Hello, a new age of education :)

    Also, if you haven’t yet done so, consider being a Participant or an Affiliate for our sister organization, FindARotation! Many physicians wish to share their expertise and teach the next generation of medical learners.

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