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Module 1
Many professionals (and students) have a deep desire to educate the next generation. And, let's face it, many of them could probably do better than some of our past instructors!But organizing and creating content, running the tech and websites, and marketing it to the masses can be quite overwhelming.Here, you'll learn the high-yield information you need to get started in your course creation journey...and how MedEd University can help!
How to Create an Online Course – Medicine & Healthcare
    About Lesson

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to Flight MEU. I’m Chase DiMarco and I’ll be your captain today!

    In this 7-Module course, we will introduce the basic concepts, planning, and design structure for online course content creation. We will also cover some of the benefits of hosting your healthcare education courses through MedEd University!

    If you are considering creating a new course, this quick orientation will help set you up the right way and save countless hours. To host your content through MEU, contact us at Support@MedEd.University and visit the rest of our educational materials at MedEd.University!

    For those in clinical practice, consider becoming a preceptor at our sister organization, FindARotation, and help shape the future of MedEd!

    I hope to discuss the great material you have, or plan to, create and help along the path to becoming an online course master!