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Burden of Pain: A Physician’s Journey through the Opioid Epidemic



Book Overview:

The book delves into the opioid epidemic, highlighting a tragedy unique to modern American culture. It criticizes the responses that focused on blame rather than addressing the root causes of addiction. Dr. Jay K. Joshi shares his personal experiences, raising questions about patient protection amidst the chaos of the crisis. From his role as a physician to his legal battles, Dr. Joshi’s narrative sheds light on the complexities of the epidemic in “Burden of Pain.”

Key Points:

1. Crisis Examination: The book scrutinizes the responses to the opioid epidemic, emphasizing the need to protect patients and address addiction at its core, rather than assigning blame.

2. Personal Journey: Dr. Joshi’s personal journey, from a physician in his clinic to a defendant in court, offers a firsthand account of the challenges and controversies surrounding the opioid crisis.

3. Complexity Illuminated: Through Dr. Joshi’s story, the book seeks to illuminate the multifaceted nature of the crisis, shedding light on the struggles faced by both patients and healthcare professionals.

Impact and Insights:

“Burden of Pain” provides a gripping narrative that immerses readers in the tumultuous landscape of the opioid epidemic. Dr. Joshi’s experiences offer a unique perspective on the crisis, prompting reflection on the roles of healthcare providers, law enforcement, and policymakers in protecting and supporting patients affected by addiction. The book serves as a guiding light, urging readers to consider the broader implications of the crisis and the need for a more compassionate and comprehensive approach to addressing addiction and patient care.


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