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Burden of Pain: A Physician’s Journey through the Opioid Epidemic



A tragedy unique to modern American culture, the opioid epidemic incited a flurry of news coverage, health policy banter, and—ultimately—arrests. Instead of addressing the root of addiction, law enforcement and public policy officials scrambled to place blame. Physicians were painted as drug dealers. Patients were treated like perpetrators. Dr. Jay K. Joshi’s own experiences left him with a single, burning question.

In the chaos of the opioid epidemic, is anyone protecting the patients?

Through his journey from a physician in his own primary care clinic to a defendant in a federal courthouse, Dr. Joshi guides readers through the harrowing twists and turns of the opioid epidemic. His incredible, shocking story illuminates the complexity of the crisis and provides a guiding light for anyone bearing the Burden of Pain.


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